We can only solve these problems together. Our partners are established, professional, caring, and on mission. All day.

We aim to transform access to mental health care.

Our Mental Health Partner Network
The Family Center of Columbus
"Strong, healthy families create strong communities"
The Family Center is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit community service organization specializing in outpatient clinical counseling, psychoeducation, community outreach, financial advocacy, and youth mentoring.
1350 15th Avenue Columbus, Georgia 31901
Contact Info:
(706)327-3238 (706)327-3239
Mon 9-6 pm Tue 9-7 pm Wed 9-6 pm Thu 9-7 pm Fri 9-12 pm Sat Closed Sun Closed

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Poor mental health has exponential impacts on families and communities. People need to know that lack of funds should not stop them from seeking mental health support. There are organizations full of people who wake up every day ready to help those who need it.
Donate to our partners. They need it. If you want to know exactly where your dollars are going, down to the penny, then donate through our site. We are unique in that our organization does not receive any processing fees or administrative fees from your donation. Yes, there are fees associated with taking donations. Yes, somebody has to pay those fees. You have the option to cover those fees during the donation process if you feel led to do so. If you don't, that's ok. We will cover the fees for you. Please, just donate.
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